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CAAS Convention
Nashville, TN
July 8th-11th

The Matrix Coffeehouse
Chehailis, WA
Aug. 7th

Private Master Classes (accepting students)
The Matrix Coffeehouse
Aug. 10th-12th

Kevin Ryan Residence
(house concert)
Los Angeles, CA
Sept. 20th

Private Function
Olympia, WA
Oct. 3rd

Pacifica Performances
Sanchez Concert Hall
Pacifica, CA
November 7th


  • I sail, I sail. Ahoy!
    -Bob Wiley
  • hello newman
  • greetings and salutations sire!
  • Nice guitar playing and very nice amps from l
    -Peter van Dorst
  • web site looks great Sean!
  • I dig your sound!
  • The Phoenix team is dong a great Job!!
  • Hey Sean! Nice new site!!!
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