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Pacifica Performances
Mildred Owen Concert Hall
Pacifica, CA
Nov. 15, 2014

Walter Dacon Winery
Shelton, WA
Feb. 14th - 17th, 2014

The Matrix Coffeehouse
CD Release Party!!
Chehailis, WA
Dec. 28, 2013

Saffire Restaurant & Bar
w/ Derek Pell
Franklin, TN
Nov. 2nd, 2013

Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum
(In the Rotunda)
Nashville, TN
August 11, 2013

A Nashville Tribute To Jimi Hendrix (guest appearance)
Featuring Billy Cox Band of Gypsies Experience
Hosted by Dave Pomeroy
Music City Center
Davidson Ball Room
Nashville, TN
July 10, 2013

Chet Atkins Appreciation Society
Nashville, TN
July 10th - 13th, 2013

Kevin Ryan Residence
(house concert)
Los Angeles, CA
Sept. 20th

Country Music Hall of Fame
Guitar Workshop
Nashville, TN
May 12, 2012

Vince Gill & Friends
Ryman Auditorium
Nashville, TN
April 19, 2010

Artisan Guitars - Chet Atkins Tribute Show w/ Tommy Emmanuel, John Knowles, Earl Klugh & Others...
The Factory at Franklin (TN)
July 6th, 2010

The Matrix Coffeehouse
Solo Acoustic Show
Chehalis, WA
Oct. 29, 2010

w/ Jenny Gill
The Listening Room
Nashville, TN
Nov. 3, 2010 (6 PM)

DEA & The Bad Boys
Sportsman's Grill
Nashville, TN
Nov, 3, 2010 (10 PM)

A Song for the Children Benefit
w/ Vince Gill 
Tivoli Theater
Chattanooga, TN
Nov. 4, 2010

S.T.A.R.S. Benefit
w/ Jenny & Vince Gill
Country Music HOF
Nashville, TN
Nov. 11, 2010

w/ Jenny Gill
The Bluebird Cafe
Nashville, TN
Nov. 26, 2010

Original Cast
Guitar Chair
Vanderbilt University
Nashville, TN
Dec. 2 - 4


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Skype Lessons

I am now accepting students of all levels and styles for one-on-one lessons via Skype. $60/hour. For additional details or inquries, please contact me directly

Private, Personalized Guitar Instruction 

Having taught many private lessons over the years, I love to pass on my advice, help, and instruction to those with a genuine interest in the guitar.  In the interest of providing the kind of instruction which others have graciously given to me (both formally and informally) for well over half of my life by now, I don’t claim to be the right teacher for every aspiring guitarist.  But what I do aim to be is the best teacher for anyone with a little experience under their belt, some basic goals, and a desire to take their playing in a specific direction.

My basic teaching philosophy aims to maintain and build upon the excitement and passion that made us want to play music in the first place.  All too often teaching becomes a job rather than a joy, and it’s never too long thereafter that a similar attitude overtakes the student.  With that in mind, my approach to teaching is no different than my approach to playing.  I aim to pass on what has positively impacted me along this musical pathway, while engaging my passion with like-minded individuals.  For in art, love, and rock and roll, the whole had better equal much more than the sum of the parts. 

I love teaching and focusing upon many different facets of the guitar, including but not limited to rock guitar in the vein of Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, and early Clapton, open tunings and the rhythm guitar of Keith Richards, classic blues guitar styles (electric and acoustic), fingerstyle guitar with an emphasis on the styles of Chet Atkins and Jerry Reed, the songs of The Beatles, basic theory, fundamentals, and chord comping. 

If interested, please contact me for rates and availability.

A complete teaching resume is available here


Contact Sean:

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